Fondo Alto Borago

Verona is a very lucky city. Evidence of a past, full of history, architecture and art, intertwine with one of the richest natural areas in Italy. On the west, the morainic hills connect Lake Garda and Monte Baldo with the Veronese plain, while the Lessini and Carega mountains slope gently towards the plain with a complex network of ridges and valleys, pleasantly covered by natural habitats and abundant in biodiversity.

The European long distance path E5

The European long distance path E5 starts from Pointe du Raz, on the Atlantic coast in Brittany (France), crosses the Alps passing through Switzerland, Germany, Austria and reaches Italy, to Venice. The total distance would be 3200 km, but currently the Verona-Venice track is not defined, so at the moment it ends at the Arena in Verona, for a total of about 3050 km. The track n.17, which connects Giazza to Verona, passes right through the Val Borago.


Verona, the idea of buying a forest: "Let's save the Val Borago from the vineyards"

Alto Borago at auction, a citizens’ committee tries to buy it

Val Borago is worth a bet

Together, we purchase a piece of woodland

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